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The Ultimate List Of Indian Sustainable Fashion Brands (A-J)

As Earthy Zest, we have been in the market for more than a year now, and we really are grateful to you, the one-and-only customer, for putting your trust in us. At the same time, we have been keeping an eye on our competitors & peers in this sector and the one thing that keeps bothering us is that they (and we too for that matter) are not very…visible. Sure, you have the ‘Best of‘ lists and the occasional ‘YourStory‘ / ‘The Better India‘ feature for some, but no one is really sure about which fashion brands are there, and where.

Which brands sell shoes made from upcycled waste, and which sell shoes made by paying local women artisans? Which handbag brand uses less water in the production process, and which one uses plastic tetrapaks to make theirs? You see, even if the above things matter to you (of course they do, that’s why you’re here), where do you buy these eco-friendly brands? So we thought, why not make a list of EVERYONE out there?

It’s still very much in progress (and we hope it stays that way), but it’s our best attempt at summarizing all the choices available in the market. Here goes nothing.

CLARIFICATION: While we do agree with Mr. Modi, we however only include those companies which not only make in India but are based out of India too. Others that we do find will be mentioned, but separately!

Also, all brands featured here sell not only what we have featured here; if you have any specific ideas (custom orders) in mind, or corporate orders, or anything else, message them. Most of the brands featured here will be more than happy to help!


Aarohana Eco Social Development


The concept behind Aarohana

Physically present in: Pune. That’s their office, which also doubles up as a store. Apart from that, they have a tie-up with A Hundred Hands (which sells handicrafts from several brands), so they turn up at several events in different cities through them.

Unique Selling Point:  Their products use denim, flex (from banners), foam, pet bottles & also plastic bags. All these are upcycled, and made into a number of products which include…

What do they sell: Backpacks, different types of bags, pencil cases, coasters, file folders, totes, mats and laptop & tab sleeves.

Website: Online, they are at (http://www.aarohana.org/)


Abraham & Thakore


David Abraham & Rakesh Thakore & their brand

Physically present in: They have stores in Bangalore & Delhi. As for other cities, they also stock their collections in other stores in Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Goa, Pune, the likes. And oh, they completed 25 years in 2017.

Unique Selling Point: They are credited with being one of the forces behind the revival of Indian handloom in fashion. A & T, as they are popularly known, work with Ikat weavers from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha & Gujarat, bringing recognition & financial assistance to this art & its makers.

What do they sell: Sarees, dresses, jackets, tops, shirts, waistcoats, scarves. That’s pretty much the fashion department covered.

Website: They can be found at (http://www.abrahamandthakore.com/)



am.it-amit aggarwal-upcycled-recycled-waste

These may or may NOT be from the AM.IT line

Physically present in: Hmm. The label, by designer Amit Aggarwal, does not seem to have a website, but the designer says he is available for any enquiries on his website; there is one store, that in Delhi. As for the AM.IT line, that’s one of his creations, which uses..

Unique Selling Point: Sheets of recycled plastic waste, used CDs, sequin waste & doll’s eyes, as well as unwanted pieces of sarees.

What do they sell: Dresses, which you can see here.

Website: The designer himself can be found at (http://www.amitaggarwal.com/)


Can ANYONE explain just what exactly is a ‘GREEN BAG’?



Ba No Batwo

Ba No Batwo-india-upcycled-ethical-recycled-fair trade-fashion brand

Ba No Batwo

Physically present in: Their office is in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Unique Selling Point: All their products involve upcycling (when we messaged them, they said ‘we don’t do recycling’). As for the what…they work with textile, plastic, glass, paper and even electronic waste, all of which goes into the making of their products!

What do they sell: If you are looking for something in stationary, home decor & fashion accessories/jewellery, this is a good place to start.

Website: You can meet them at (https://www.facebook.com/BaNoBatwo/). They are also present across a number of seller platforms, including (takes deep breath) Amazon, PayTM, World Art Community, Ripple Effect, Green The Map, Silkrute, Culture Truck, Decorify, Imadeit (exhales).


Bhusattva-india-fashion brand-ethical-upcycle-sustainable

Bhusattva with CRY

Physically present in: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Unique Selling Point: Their products are made of organic cotton, and they follow fair-trade principles when it comes to dealing with their workers.

What do they sell: For men, they sell jackets, and other traditional wear. For women, they sell footwear, sarees, other traditional wear, jackets, tops, clutches. They also have scarves & pocket squares.

Website: Online at (http://www.bhusattva.com/)


Bhushavali Eco Fashion

Bhushavali-india-recycle-upcycle-ethical-fair trade


Physically present in: Chennai, apparently.

Unique Selling Point: All their products are made of khadi or handloom (hand-woven) fabrics, with the makers living in certain villages of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.

What do they sell: They offer tops, kurtis, dresses, skirts for women,  while men will have to make do with shirts; there is also infant wear available. Accessories include wallets, hairbands, belts, bags, scarves, bracelets & necklaces, among others.

Website: They can be found at (https://www.bhushavali.com/)


Brown Boy

Brown Boy-fair trade-india-ethical

Brown Boy & its workers

Physically present in: Kolkata. That’s where their office is.

Unique Selling Point: A couple actually; their products are not only made of organic cotton (non-Genetically Modified, which most cotton grown in India is), but they are also a Fair-Trade initiative (which here means that they give their workers a fair wage, not exploit them like most do).

What do they sell: They sell for men, women & kids; this includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, track pants for men while women can choose from pants, skirts, dresses, tops & jackets. Kids needn’t worry; their whole wardrobe can be found here!

Website: This online shop is at (https://www.shopbrownboy.com/)


Where To Buy Reusable Shopping Bags?




Chiaroscuro-india-recycled-upcycled-sustainable-ethical-fair trade-fashion brand


Physically present in: New Delhi

Unique Selling Point: Their products use upcycled leather, that is, leather which was surplus or going to waste. Their artisans also work in a workshop, as the brand does not believe in mass production or sweatshops. Double benefits here!

What Do They Sell: Wallets, shoulder bags, backpacks, key-chains (they call them charms), pouches, slings & others

Website: They are online at (https://chiaroscuro.in/)



Chindi-india-rugs-environment-fashion brand-upcycle-recycle-textile

Chindi & workers

Physically present in: Mumbai

Unique Selling Point: Their rugs are not only made of textile waste, but are also made by low-income women & residents living in Mankhurd, Mumbai.

What Do They Sell: Rugs

Website: The website says the store is temporarily closed. You can still have a look at (https://www.chindi.in/)


Cornucopia Concepts

Cornucopia Concepts-india-sustainable-fashion-quilt-recycle-upcycle-fashion brand- cover

Cornucopia Concepts

Physically present in: Pune, Maharashtra, is where their office is at. They also have a store in Gurgaon.

Unique Selling Point: While they do offer readymade covers & quilts, their real USP is this: if you have old kurtis, jeans, sarees, t-shirts, even baby clothes (which you do not want to part with) you go to their website. Here, you can choose what you want to convert your old clothes into: a quilt, a bag, a cushion cover, a bunting or a pouch? Choose, send them your old clothes, and voila! In a matter of some time, your old clothes will be back in a new avatar.

What Do They Sell: Refer above.

Website: You can find them at (http://cornucopiaconcepts.com/)



Craftroots-india-ethical-gujarat-women-fashion brand-home decor


Physically present in: Ahmedabad is where their office is at. But they have another store in Delhi too. Which is important, as they do not sell online (yet).

Unique Selling Point: Basically, there is this Gramshree Trust which was started by Anandiben Patel & her daughter in the 90s; yes, that’s the former CM of Gujarat. Supporting women artisans & preserving local craft traditions, one of the initiatives which they have launched is Craftroots.

What Do They Sell: Home furnishings, home decor, apparel & accessories.

Website: You can find out about them at (http://craftroots.org/). Gramshree has a website, but we could not access it; try (http://www.manavsadhna.org/default.aspx)




Physically present in: Delhi.

Unique Selling Point: Possibly the most well-publicized brand in these circles, Doodlage uses two approaches; one, using organic cotton & other eco-friendly fabrics or two, using the leftover fabric of large manufacturers (which these would have normally thrown). That’s what their products are made of.

What Do They Sell: Almost everything; dresses, tunics, bottoms, tops for women & t-shirts, shirts, jackets for men, along with bags, wallets, covers, accessories and others.

Website: Meet them at (https://www.doodlage.in/)


Do U Speak Green

Physically present in: Mumbai

Unique Selling Point: Two terms. Their apparel offerings are made of organic cotton, while the fashion brand subscribes to Fair Trade principles.

What Do They Sell: T-shirts, pants, shorts for both men & women, along with kidswear & yogawear.

Website: Their website is at (http://douspeakgreen.in/)


Handbags Made From Recycled Materials (And on the Fashion Ramp); God, they are weird!



Earthy Zest

Earthy Zest-india-recycling-upcycle-sustainable-fashion brand-fair trade

Earthy Zest

Physically present in: Mumbai.

Unique Selling Point: All of their products upcycle waste, including seat belts, thrown-away fabric, as well as from vegan leather & even billboard banners, all the while minimizing water usage in their products.

What do they sell: Backpacks, wallets, handbags, tablet cases, sling bags & clutches.

Website: Available online at (https://www.earthyzest.com)



Ecotokri-india-shop-store-food=beverage-clothes-organic-environment-eco friendly


Physically present in: Delhi.

Unique Selling Point: They are a marketplace for all things eco-friendly, so you can get lots of stuff-from soaps to fashion to stationery-all with the tag of being organic and good for the environment. There isn’t much other information about them though.

What do they sell: It’s almost a department store here; there is food, beverages, beauty products, almost everything. Yes, all of them help keep the environment clean.

Website: Present on (https://ecotokri.com/)


Ethic Attic

FairKonnect-ethic attic-recycle-upcycle-apparel-women-india-fair trade


Physically present in: Bangalore.

Unique Selling Point: So, there’s this company Fairkonnect, and it has its own in-house fashion brand Ethic Attic. The brand here, stresses on it being a Fair Trade organization, along with making their offerings from organic cotton, or natural silk.

What Do They Sell: They have stoles, footwear (different types of mojri included), and apparel includes dresses, tops, skirts, pants, tunics.

Website: They are found at (https://www.ethicattic.com/)



Ethicus-natural-organic-workers-fair trade-ethical-collection-fashion brand

Ethicus & workers

Physically present in: Pollachi, Tamil Nadu.

Unique Selling Point: They call themselves a ‘Farm to Fashion’ initiative. For one. they do use organic cotton for all of their products, while they promote their workers as artisans; they even put tags on their products, with the photo of the weaver of the product!

What do they sell: Sarees, scarves, and also men & women apparel.

Website: Found at (http://www.ethicus.in/)




Freeset-india-fashion brand-sustainable-recycle-upcycle-ethical-fair trade


Physically present in: Kolkata & Murshidabad (West Bengal). In fact, they have 3 factories across Murshidabad in Sherpur, Dhulian & Dak Bangla.

Unique Selling Point: Their products are made by women have either been in the trade or are at risk of being trafficked. The products itself are made of organic cotton, and they have a Fair Trade certification too.

What Do They Sell: They make bags, t-shirts, scarves, hand-woven fabrics and homeware. You can also custom-order t-shirts & bags from them.

Website: Online at (http://www.freesetglobal.com/). You can buy from them on Amazon too (only a selected range of bags here though).


Forty Red Bangles

Forty Red Bangles-clothes-apparel-women-recycle-upcycle-sustainable-fashion brand

Forty Red Bangles & a nice illustration

Physically present in: Their office is in Mumbai.

Unique Selling Point: Their clothing is organic, and their products are upcycled. Their home decor range, for one, uses upcycled containers and other plastic waste.

What Do They Sell: Candles, lanterns, decorations, along with scarves, bags, footwear, jewellery & clothing for women. For kids, they have clothing, footwear & toys. For men…almost nothing.

Website: They are seen at (http://fortyredbangles.com/)



Green The Map

Green The Map-india-recycle-upcycle-ethical-fashion-fair trade-sustainable

Green The Map

Physically present in: Their office is in Delhi, but are present through stockists in other cities.

Unique Selling Point: Their products are made of upcycled waste, but what really makes them special is that they are a marketplace for at least 25 other eco-friendly & ethical brands.

What Do They Sell: As you can guess, lots of stuff. Home decor, clothing (even dog wear), stationery, accessories, footwear, and natural food & cosmetics.

Website: Available online at (https://www.greenthemap.com/)


Goli Soda

Goli Soda-upcycle-recycle-india-apparel-accessories

Kids at the Goli Soda office

Physically present in: Chennai.

Unique Selling Point: Their products use upcycled plastic, as well as organic produce (though they are not very clear on what exactly)

What Do They Sell: Jewellery, home decor, clothing for women & kids, stationery, bags & much other stuff.

Website: The store is at (https://golisodastore.com/)



Grassroot-Anita Dongre-india-recycle-women empowerment-ethical


Physically present in: Have a couple of stores in Delhi & Mumbai, each.

Unique Selling Point: Their products are made of organic cotton & linen, and all are handwoven by women living in the rural areas of the country.

What Do They Sell: Dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, scarves, footwear available here.

Website: Online on (https://www.anitadongregrassroot.com/)



Haathi Chaap

Haathi Chaap-india-recycle-upcycle-ethical-sustainable fashion

Haathi Chaap

Physically present in: They retail online & physically through 3rd party websites & shops. A whole list can be found on the website.

Unique Selling Point: They make their paper products from elephant poo. Literally.

What Do They Sell: Since what they do is convert elephant poo to paper, what they sell is all paper products.Bags, frames, photo albums, notebooks, stationery, cards, clocks, calenders, the likes.

Website: Find them at (http://elephantpoopaper.com/)



Indian Artizans

Indian Artizans-ethical-sustainable-india

Indian Artizans

Physically present in: They have a head office in Mumbai, and an Experience Centre in Jaipur.

Unique Selling Point: They are literally, a big online store. What makes them worth looking at, is the fact that they only sell products which are handmade by Indian artisans, and that they stock products from 4 artisans (including their own fashion brand), 17 brands & 14 designers.

What Do They Sell: Clothing for both men & women, accessories, as well as home decor and even art.

Website: Meet them at (http://www.indianartizans.com/)



Indophile-organic cotton-eco friendly


Physically present in: Bangalore. They are also changing their name to Organic Threadz.

Unique Selling Point: Organic cotton goes into the making of the products of this brand which are-

What Do They Sell: T-shirts for both men & women.

Website: Visit them on (https://www.facebook.com/iamindophile/)


I Was A Sari

I Was A Sari-recycle-upcycle-india-clothes-apparel-fair trade

I Was A Sari

Physically present in: Mumbai.

Unique Selling Point: Made by women workers from Mumbai slums, and made from upcycled sarees, is what makes this fashion brand special.

What Do They Sell: Shopping bags, pouches, bead & textile jewelry, scarves, pocket squares, stationery.

Website: It is (http://iwasasari.com/). But it is yet to become full operational, so try (https://www.facebook.com/iwasasari/)


I Wear Me

I Wear Me-india-organic cotton-ethical-recycling-upcycling

I Wear Me

Physically present in: Office is in Mumbai, but products available in Ahmedabad, Gangtok, Chennai & Hyderabad.

Unique Selling Point: This fashion brand uses organic cotton, and is Fair Trade certified.

What Do They Sell: T-shirts, readymade, custom & wholesale-any which way you like.

Website: They are on (https://www.iwearme.in/)



Jaggery Bags

Jaggery Bags-india-ethical-recycle-upcycle-reuse-fashion brand

Jaggery Bags

Physically present in: Gurgaon.

Unique Selling Point: All their bags use upcycled materials, which they say includes everything from suits to parachute materials to army truck tarpaulin.

What Do They Sell: Bags! A range of bags & accessories, such as tote bags, backpacks, wallets, pouches, laptop sleeves.

Website: You can see them at (https://www.jaggerybags.com/)


Joy At Work

Joy At Work-india-upcycle-recycling-ethical-fair trade

Joy At Work

Physically present in: Bangalore. One store is in Bangalore, and another is on Palolem Beach Road in Goa.

Unique Selling Point: The upcycling of tetrapaks, cement sacks and waste fabric (torn or discarded) into accessories such as…

What Do They Sell: Home decor, bins, baskets, bags, wallets, pouches, jewelry & other fashion accessories.

Website: Meet them at (https://www.facebook.com/Joy-at-Work-1527533460817886/). They sell online at Rimagined (found below).


For the rest of the alphabets (and their brands) check out K to…Z? Find out!

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