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Where To Buy An Eco Friendly Wallet?

Thinking of getting an eco friendly wallet for a guy?

That’s quite a good choice. In fact, bravo! Now however, comes the hard part: where to buy from?

Don’t be alarmed; it’s not as if there is any lack of choices. Contrary to that fact, there are so many options available, that you might get a headache choosing! And don’t worry: all of them are easy on the pocket. Alright, some of them.


Upfactory-india-eco friendly wallet


So your guy loves his fancy set of wheels? Why not get him a wallet which reflects that then? Made out of an upcycled tyre tube, this wallet wears its ‘green’ credentials proudly. Let your man be just as proud of his part in saving the environment!


Doodlage-eco friendly wallet-india


India’s very own upcycled fashion label, Doodlage, is a big name in fashion circles. When their products have even walked the ramp at fashion weeks, why should you harbour any doubts towards their quality? This men’s wallet, for one, has cotton-discarded by others as waste-used in its making.


eco friendly wallet-earthy-zest-india-wallet

Eco Friendly Wallet from EarthyZest

Of course, we can’t NOT feature our very own products :p This one below is made out of upcycled seat covers, and comes with the whole guarantee of being durable, waterproof and damn good!


Chiaroscuro-eco friendly wallet-india


You can’t exactly call them wallets, but if a good man purse is what you are looking for, look no further. Along with their unconventional website (it scrolls horizontally!), their wallet range (called Lizzie) is made from 100% upcycled leather.


eco friendly wallet-supervek-earthy-zest-india-wallet

Another eco Friendly Wallet from Supervek

100% recyclable, and a replacement for leather. The range is extensive, to say the least. You won’t lack for choice in choosing an eco friendly wallet!

One World Projects

one world projects-india-earthy zest-wallets

One World Projects

This one may list its prices in dollars, but it is actually comparatively priced to its other counterparts & makes the wallets in India itself. Made from recycled fabric, the only thing we find tacky is the ‘Funds 4 meals’ detail. But all things considered, it has its fans, and is doing a lot of good work in a lot of places in the world. Carry on, good ladies and sirs 🙂

Green The Map

rice-green the map-wallet-india-eco friendly

Green The Map

While they have a number of wallets available, this one takes the cake. Or more specifically, the rice. Made out of upcycled rice sacks, these wallets are too quirky too ignore. What say?


tetrapack-wallet-rimagined-earthy-zest-eco friendly


Upcycled juice cartons, anyone? While the finishing leaves something to be desired (from the pictures), full marks for the concept! In the same store, there is even a Big Bang Theory-inspired wallet (or is it a clutch?), though unfortunately, it is sold out!


eco friendly wallet-jaggery-earthy-zest-india-wallet

And yet another accessory for men from Jaggery

Made from upcycled fabrics, this is a travel kit for your dad’s long-overdue foreign holiday. No, the inscription is meant to give you any ideas. Not at all 😉

The Eco Trunk


Eco Trunk

Technically, this wallet is not made from upcycled or recycled materials; the raw material is cork, which is sourced from a tree. The USP? The source of the cork from trees is done in a eco friendly manner, and what’s more, it can be recycled too!

Ripple Effect


Ripple Effect

Travel wallets anyone? Made by Ba No Batwo, this has the double advantage of not only being made up of upcycled materials but also of being made by underprivIledged women. How’s that for a thoughtful gift?

Oh, you wanted something for her? Check out our list of eco friendly purses. Or get her a shopping bag, but made from reusable materials. If you want to be safe though, get her a eco friendly handbag.


  • JT

    December 14, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Interesting post. I couldn’t help but wonder why you included One World Projects since you didn’t show any of their products. Being the curious sort that I am, I had to check it out. I found all kinds of kool wallets (including a magic wallet for my nephew the magician, a laptop case for his Dad, and a nice purse for my sister. The philosophy behind the company is pretty awesome.. not just recycled/upcycled goods but fair trade, eco-friendly. They sustain the environment and many indigenous people throughout the world. Frankly, I LIKE the fact that they donate a portion of their sales to a charity – Just like Newman’s Own. Unlike Newman’s Own, One World Projects actually tells you which charity and how much. How kool is that!!!! So, I am left wondering what you have against One World Projects? If you don’t like the company, why did you bother including it in your article?


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